AEGIS Series, based on Nextin’s innovative 2-D imaging technology, detects various-types of 1x-nm node semiconductor processing defects with high sensitivity and high speed, enabling the customers’ initial process stabilization and improvement of fab yields, making it one of the most cost-effective high-performance wafer inspection systems.

Nextin’s simultaneous inspection of Bright-field and Dark-field illuminations and its patent-awarded Dual Mirror Focus Plane Assembly Technology makes high-sensitivity inspections at the fastest speeds. By supporting both 200mm and 300mm wafer sizes, AEGIS wafer inspection systems can help customers with various manufacturing applications.

AEGIS wafer inspection systems can detect not only the pattern defects like bridges, thinning, protrusion, and footing, but also scratches and particles in film, pattern-generation, planarization, ion implantation, and cleaning processes across all semiconductor manufacturing sequences, resulting in superior return on investment for its customers.


STI, poly, contact, and gate etch
Metal and via/trench etch
Micro ADI/photo cell monitor
Tool monitor
Films and Post-CMP films